KHON2: Maui County slammed with rain: ‘Lots of destruction’

January 30, 2023

HONOLULU (KHON2) — A flood advisory is in effect for Maui, where residents have felt the brunt of stormy conditions since Friday, Jan. 27.

Bus service was canceled on Molokai on Saturday, Jan. 28.

It was definitely not the picture perfect weekend for those who visited Maui on Saturday. One Oregon resident arrived around noon on Friday.

“And, so, we came down to try to go to our condo; and it was crazy, all the mud. It was before they blocked the roads off; so, it was up over our Jeep Cherokee,” said Lori Szidon. “So, yeah, lots of destruction.”

Kamehameha V Highway on Molokai was inundated with flood water near Kaunakakai.

“There’s just, like, really thick mud, lot of water and rocks,” said Kaunakakai resident Robin Au around 4 p.m. Saturday. “And, they’re still there. I mean; they’ve got it open. But, they’re just trying to still move things.”

The National Weather Service expected impacts to last at least through Monday, Jan. 30 with the most severe effects being felt in Maui County. Officials said while some roads may seem passable, it is best just to steer clear.

“And, one thing I like to say. if you go down to the shore break, lets say on the north shore and the water is this deep and it’s sweeping across the sand, it will knock you off your feet,” said NWS meteorologist Tom Birchard. “So, fresh water running through a stream or through a roadway can do the same thing to you or a car.”

The Maui Humane Society felt the flood on Saturday as well. Officials said all the animals are safe, but the rain does cause concern for stress.

“Boards are put up on all of the kennels, protecting the dogs from the rain; but with every kennel currently being full as we have over 100 dogs in our care, it’s not an enjoyable environment for them,” said MHS marketing director Katie Shannon.

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