KHON2: Maui rescue pup, Elua, goes to Puppy Bowl XIX

February 7, 2023
KHON2: PuppyBowl, Elua

PUUNENE, Hawaii (KHON2) — Rescue dogs are overcrowding the Humane Societies of Maui and O’ahu. Whether it is because of apartments that are not pet-friendly or because a family is moving and unable to bring a part of their family with them, the shelters are in crisis.

But, one rescue puppy has an amazing and inspiring story.

Elua, a rescue puppy from Maui, has been selected to represent Hawai’i in Puppy Bowl XIX.

Elua was rescued with her siblings a few months ago. They had been discovered in an abandoned house.

The puppies were sick and having trouble, so the person who decided to rescue-foster them contacted the Humane Society. After having diagnostics done, it was discovered that the puppies needed a blood transfusion to survive.

“Our amazing Dr. Fitzpatrick took one look at them and said that they need blood transfusions,” said Emily Drose, Humane Enforcement Officer for Maui Humane Society.

According to PetMD, canine blood transfusions are complicated, but they save lives.

“The percentage of blood cells in a normal dog is between 35-55%, and our sickest puppy had 6%,” said Dr. Fitzpatrick, DVM for Maui Humane Society.

With such low blood cells count, the MHS said that Elua was the sickest of the puppies.

“[Elua] was very close to dying,” said Cathy Klawiter, Director of Humane Enforcement for the Maui Humane Society.

Elua made a remarkable recovery shortly after the blood transfusion and has gone on to become Hawai’i’s representative for rescue puppies.

KHON2 wishes Elua all the luck in the world as the team embarks on their journey to Puppy Bowl XIX.

Read the full article at KHON2.

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