Lucky the dog survives the lahaina fires



MAUI COUNTY (KITV4 ISLAND NEWS) — When Chris Borges lost her home in the Lahaina fires, she thought for sure her Chihuahua Lucky was gone.

But Lucky’s luck hasn’t run out just yet.

Borges got a surprise call from the Maui Humane Society.

“They said well they have a little white dog running around next door that they’re calling the ‘ghost dog’ in the cemetery,” she said.

That’s where Lucky would hang out every day.

“He thought that was his private park.”

After weeks of trying to capture the ‘ghost dog’ — “I don’t know where he slept for 30 days” — Lucky’s now reunited with his family.

“I was so happy. In my hotel room I was just saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus,’ she said. “It was the happiest day since the fire.”

The feeling was mutual.

“Last night he was like he just had to be next to us,” Borges said. “He was like grumbling like, ‘I’ve been waiting for you for a month. Where have you been?’ He was like really upset with me then after he got it all out he started licking me.”

But that’s not the end of the miracle.

After losing two dogs and believing two cats were also dead: “I got a call this morning that they found my cat, Bunny.”

“I was praying for them every day and I had a feeling last week that there was some animal waiting for me,” she added.

As she recovers from losing almost everything, Borges is grateful.

“Everything’s gone, but your pets are your ‘ohana. That’s all that’s important,” she said. “I think he stayed alive knowing how much I loved him and knowing that she will come back looking for me. Cause every morning I squeeze him and tell him that I love him.”

“I’m just very lucky that Lucky survived.”

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