Mamoa, a cat that survived Maui wildfires, will head to Sacramento in search of a new home.

Mamoa, a cat that survived the Lahaina wildfire in Maui, is arriving in Sacramento on Wednesday.

The 5-year-old feline was living in the burn zone for nearly a month, according to a release from the FieldHaven Feline Center.

Joy Smith, the executive director and co-founder of FieldHaven, has been helping rescue and recover cats caught in the fire since September, the release said.

Mamoa was considered feral when he arrived at the Maui Humane Society annex recovery center.

Smith described him as “a big softie” who is not feral but rather recovering from trauma.

“Mamoa was initially known as L557. We don’t name cats who arrive at the recovery center because we don’t want to confuse them. After all, they likely have real names. And L557 fit my type — big fat cheeks, quiet and lazy, which is why I fell for him right away when I first met him,” Smith said. “I was right, as he soon showed his very social, relaxed side.”