KITV4 Island News: Maui Humane Society facing severe overcrowding, urgently seeking fosters and adoptions

(KITV4 Island News): The Maui Humane Society is facing an overcrowding crisis, and for the first time in years, may have to resort to euthanasia of some at-risk dogs.


In an email, MHS says they have over 130 dogs, but only 40 kennels. “The rate of dog adoptions is insufficient to keep pace with the growing number of dogs in our care. The lack of pet friendly housing, coupled with increased restrictions on flights for animals to already overpopulated shelters on the mainland, limits the plausible impact of the life-saving Wings of Aloha program. The shelter may be forced to make euthanasia decisions for animals that could otherwise be saved.”


Five dogs are currently listed as at-risk for euthanasia. There are several ways to help the dogs, including fostering, and volunteering, if you are unable to adopt.


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