Maui, Hawaii – As of September 27, 2023, Maui Humane Society has received permission to access the Lahaina burn zone to rescue animals past the existing curfew of 1:00 AM. 

With roughly 500 cats estimated to be living in the burn zone, Maui Humane Society has been removing animals from the toxic environment to provide veterinary care and opportunities for reunification with owners. Trapping is most effective during late night hours when traumatized and shy cats feel safe to emerge from the rubble to feed. 

Maui Humane Society would like to thank Maui Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), the National Guard, and the Mayor’s Office for allowing our rescuers to maximize their impact through expanded access hours.


About Maui Humane Society:
Maui Humane Society is the island’s only open admission shelter, accepting all animals in need. The organization cares for over 4900 animals a year. The shelter has a robust foster and volunteer program, transfers hundreds of animals through Wings of Aloha flights to adoption-guaranteed homes, practices TNR as a humane method of reducing the community cat population and provides food and supplies at no cost to disadvantaged pet owners through the 4EverPets community outreach program. Visit for more information.