Maui Now: OFCPP

The Maui Humane Society continues to seek caretakers for displaced cats from the 2023 Lahaina wildfire.

The organization has more than 50 outdoor community fire cats in its care, and is seeking to find new homes for them through the Operation Fire Cat Placement Program.

MHS says all that is needed is an outdoor place, and the organization will cover all expenses during the acclimation period.

Through OFCPP, MHS’ Fire Cat Specialists build a “catio” on the caretaker’s property to house 2-3 outdoor fire cats. The caretaker will then feed, care for, and monitor the cats over a 3-4 week acclimation period before releasing them.

The ASPCA says “community cats—who have a dedicated caretaker who provides them with spay/neuter services and regular feedings—can live contently outdoors.”

All cats placed through OFCPP will be sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped, ear tipped, and receive a health exam prior to placement through the program.

“These cats can no longer return to their home in Lahaina, so by participating in this program, you are providing them a new, safe environment they can call home,” according tot he Maui Humane Society.

Cats placed through the program are most often unsocial with humans and don’t adjust well to indoor living conditions. “Since their home environment is unsafe, and currently under construction, these cats will require a non-traditional adoption process,” according to the Maui Humane Society.

To date, the organization has placed 60 cats from this program.

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