KHON2: silicon valley cat transfer

The Maui Humane Society and Lanai Cat Sanctuary have sent 50 cats to the mainland as a recent attempt to alleviate capacity challenges, especially after rescuing over 800 animals from the Lahaina burn zone.

Reports said the cats flown to the mainland were either “surrendered by their former owners, have not been reclaimed, or have no signs of ownership.”

Cats were flown to California where the Humane Society Silicon Valley will put the animals up for adoption and place them with local rescue partners.

These transfer partnerships helped both MHS and LCS free more than 200 shelter spaces inhabited by outdoor-acclimated cats.

Before being transported, each animal was examined by MHS’ Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Lisa Labrecque.

“Not only does this transport mark a major milestone in our fire response efforts, but it’s also one that is near and dear to my heart because of the collaboration involved,” Dr. Labrecque said. “It means the world to me to see these organizations, along with Greater Good Charities, come together for these cats who survived the devastating fires.”