Hawaii News Now - Trapped and Dumped

Dr. Miyo Kim’s home is often filled with a few foster pets — this is the “hazards of the job” for someone who has spent many hours for the past 25 years caring for and providing medical attention to animals at the Maui Humane Society.

“I’ve tried to really watch and control myself so to speak, but all the animals that I’ve gotten have been rescues,” Kim said with a laugh on Thursday. “I just adopted two of my foster kittens about three years ago and I just adopted a little dog two years ago.”

And after about 42 years total in the veterinary medicine field and thousands of surgeries later, Kim will be retiring from the shelter as the Maui Humane Society Director of Veterinary Services.

However, she won’t be stepping away entirely as she plans to continue helping with the occasional surgery as needed.

“For many people who have adopted a pet, people tell me ‘I’m saving this animal, but really that animal is saving me’ because, you know, the animals give so much back to us, so that’s really rewarding when you see that bond and knowing that you’re helpful in maintaining that bond,” said Kim. “I just feel so fortunate to be in a profession where I feel I made a positive difference everyday in an animal’s life and in many people’s lives.”

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