Chunky Meatball needs a Foster for the Holidays

The Maui Humane Society has begun its “Fostering for the Holidays” program which runs through Jan. 2.

It allows any member of the public even those with no prior experience, to take an animal home for the holidays, for free, with all supplies provided, according to a news release.

They can call or walk through the society’s front doors and let staff know they are interested in the free, life-saving opportunity to “Foster for the Holidays.”

Maui Humane Society has received an influx of stray animals due to the kona low storm, fireworks and due to the canceled Wings of Aloha flights due to Mainland weather conditions.

If a member of the public finds a stray animal, they need to immediately call the society’s humane enforcement officers and hold onto the animal for at least 48 hours (if it is safe) to decrease the animals coming through the society’s doors.

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