Maui Now: Pet Adoption Story Earns $50,000 Petco Foundation Grant for Maui Humane Society

December 8, 2020

After the loss of his wife, an adopted dog named Kaia helped Rory and his stepdaughter find comfort, companionship, and laughter.

“The morning after my wife passed, Kaia needed a walk — so I got out of bed and I walked her. I walk Kaia six times a day because we live in a condo and she’s very active. She starts my morning, and she ends my night. Kaia really saved us,” said Rory.

Rory’s story about how his pet has changed his family’s life has earned Maui Humane Society a $50,000 Holiday Wishes grant from the Petco Foundation. Now, Maui Humane Society is seeking the public’s support to help earn up to an additional $25,000 this holiday season.

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