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PUUNENE (TMX/HawaiiNewsNow) – A house cat that went missing two years before devastating wildfires destroyed thousands of homes and other structures in Lahaina has been reunited with her owner, according to the Maui Humane Society.

The Maui Humane Society on Monday said a woman identified as Anna was already reunited with another cat that was lost in the August fires, named Ming-Ming. The shelter said Ming-Ming was just one of multiple cats Anna and her husband lost during the fires that destroyed their home.

Months later, a Maui Humane Society Cat Annex team lead named Jennie contacted Anna after finding a cat she believed to be hers, named Hyssy.

Hyssy had already been missing for nearly two years before the fire. Anna worked with a local cat trapper and “searched tirelessly for him, but sadly, he was never found,” the rescue said. Anna and her husband came in immediately, and “Hyssy recognized them right away, even after so long apart,” the rescue said.

It remains a mystery what Hyssy was up to in the two years before the fire, or how he survived.

“Thanks to a incredible group effort between our feeders, trappers, and Annex team, Hyssy was able to be reunited with his Ohana only a few hours after arriving to our Annex location,” the Maui Humane Society said.

Anna and her husband are still displaced and living in a hotel, along with thousands of others who lost their homes on the island. A “caring friend” has taken in their beloved Hyssy until they find a permanent home.

“We hope to be able to continue to reunite Anna and her other beloved cats,” the Humane Society said.

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