Maui Humane Society Prioritizes Lifesaving Efforts and Human-Animal Reunification
Pet supplies being distributed across Maui for pets and pet owners in need

Puunene, Hawaii – (8/22/23) Maui Humane Society, the animal rescue lead agency, is committed to leading the lifesaving and reunification process for all animals, of all species affected by this devastating event. Maui Humane Society continues to cooperate with local emergency management and search and recovery teams. Yesterday, seven cats from within the burn zone were rescued by FEMA task force members and transferred to Maui Humane Society via Humane Enforcement officers. In addition to those animals, Maui Humane Society is proud to report the following:

  • Maui Humane Society has taken in 187 animals from Lahaina and have attended to them at the shelter in Pu’unene
  • Maui Humane Society has been able to reunite 30% of the live animals with their families
  • Working through over 1,300 filed lost reports which have been submitted online or through our new hotline
  • Veterinary staff have helped over 375 animals in Lahaina (Lahaina Gateway, Napili Plaza and Honokowai Park)
  • Thousands of gallons of safe drinking water and hay bales have been delivered daily over the past week to animals and livestock in both Lahaina and Kula
  • Roughly 130 pets in Maui Humane Society’s care prior to the fires have been transferred off-island into guaranteed adoption homes, to make additional space for animals needing shelter
  • Maui Humane Society has met, working with and offering support and supplies with local animal rescues so they can continue to care for the animals in their care
  • Free health certificates, rabies vaccines and airline approved kennels are being distributed to any resident looking to leave the island
  • Hundreds of volunteers arrive at Maui Humane Society every day, averaging 6 hours per person/day
  • Maui Humane Society has distributed 17,000 lbs of pet food and supplies to emergency shelters, distribution checkpoints, parks, churches, hotels, and individuals in need throughout the island and plans to deliver to Hana on Friday 8/25 to the Farmer’s Market and join the Mega Disaster Recovery Center in Kahului to support pets and pet owners

Maui Humane Society is here and will continue to serve the community. We have received an overwhelming amount of support from our local community as well as physical donations, which we are prioritizing to distribute to all pet owners who have been directly or indirectly affected by these fires, across Maui Nui. As emergency shelters close down, we are partnering with organizations across the island to ensure that pet supplies are distributed from Hana to Kula to Napili to keep pets in homes. If you know someone who needs help with pet supplies, please visit Maui Humane Society between 11am-5pm, 7 days/week to pick up pet supplies.

Maui Humane Society is working with first responders that are certified to be inside the burn area. Reports and firsthand observations have confirmed the presence of living animals in need of assistance, including water, food, and medical attention within the restricted area. If a first responder finds a live animal, they will take the animal to a checkpoint to be turned over to Maui Humane Society personnel for veterinary care and/or reunification. 

If you have lost a pet, please file a lost report on our website or call our hotline at 808-877-3680 ext. 9 and someone will file it for you. If you found an animal, even if you do not have containment or access to it, file a found report on our website at Whether you have been directly or indirectly affected by the fires, it is critical to keep your pet with you. Please come to Maui Humane Society to pick up pet supplies during our open hours and stay tuned as we share how and where we are continuing our everlasting efforts in the community.

About Maui Humane Society: 

Maui Humane Society is the island’s only open admission shelter, accepting all animals in need. The  organization cares for over 4900 animals a year. The shelter has a robust foster and volunteer program,  transfers hundreds of animals through Wings of Aloha flights to adoption-guaranteed homes, practices  TNR as a humane method of reducing the community cat population and provides food and supplies at  no cost to disadvantaged pet owners through the 4EverPets community outreach program. Visit for more information.