Maui Humane Society is urgently requesting the community’s help to provide temporary homes for dogs. Maui Humane Society currently has 120 dogs in their care and has kennel capacity for 40 dogs. Dogs are being paired in kennels to make additional space. 30 SOS Fosters are needed immediately to help decrease the dog population at the shelter.

When Maui Humane Society signals “SOS Foster”, it is a plea to the community to temporarily foster an animal. Participants do not need prior experience plus they receive the necessary supplies, completely free of charge. There is no pressure to adopt through SOS Foster and the length of time the animal stays at their home is dependent on their schedule.

The community can help by preventing animals coming into the shelter, as there are no open kennels. If an animal is found roaming the public is advised of the following steps to take:

  • Do not bring it directly to Maui Humane Society.
  • If the found animal is safe with you, hold onto it for 48 hours and immediately call Humane Enforcement Officers at 808-877-3680 ext. 222 upon finding the animal.
  • Upload a photo of the pet to
  • File a found report on the Maui Humane Society website.

Additionally, for those looking to surrender their pet, Maui Humane Society offers a free rehoming pet listing service which allows pets to be rehomed directly by members of the community.

To address the overpopulation issue, Maui Humane Society will be open until 7 p.m. on Friday, April 21 to offer the community more opportunity to see their animals. All adoption fees are waived for dogs over 6 months of age.

All dogs on the Maui Humane Society website are available for “SOS Foster,” which can be viewed at*A red banner across the pet’s image reflects it is already in a foster home.

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