NY post Hyssy & Anna

A Hawaii animal lover who lost her home and several of her cats in the deadly Maui wildfires over the summer got a call from a local animal rescue this week stating that they had found one of her fur babies — but the animal waiting at the shelter was not who she was expecting.

The Maui Humane Society called the woman, identified only as Anna, and said they believed they found her cat, the nonprofit rescue said in a social media post Monday.

But in a shocking twist, the orange-colored kitty they rescued from the streets was not one of the beloved cats Anna and her husband lost in the devastating fires.

Instead, it was their cat Hyssy who had been missing for nearly three years — well before the August blaze.

“Before they lost everything in [the] fire, including their family home, Hyssy had already been missing for almost two years,” the Maui Humane Society said. “Anna and a community cat trapper had searched tirelessly for him, but sadly, he was never found.”

When Anna and her husband got the call from Maui Humane Society’s Cat Annex that they had finally found Hyssy and had him in their possession, they couldn’t believe it, the rescue said.

“Immediately, Anna and her husband dropped everything, rushed straight to our Annex location, and were able to share a long-awaited emotional embrace with him,” it wrote.

The tabby cat and his “Ohana” were reunited just hours after he arrived at the Annex location.

“The moment they came in, Hyssy recognized them right away, even after so long apart,” the Maui Humane Society said.

The rescue shared heartwarming photos of Anna hugging Hyssy close to her face in an emotional embrace.

Sadly, Anna and her husband are still displaced after the fire and are living in a hotel. A friend of the couple has since offered to take in the sweet orange tabby until they can find a more permanent home.

The Maui Humane Society helped reunite Anna with another of her fur babies, a cat named Ming-Ming, shortly after the fires as well.

But Ming-Ming was only one of the many cats the couple lost during the devastating blaze. The rescue said it is working to reunite Anna with her other beloved cats.

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