happy dog with positive relationship with human

The behavior consultants at Best
Friends have found that animal training
built on a trusting relationship is the best
kind — and also the most effective —
method of training. When you have a
trusting, cooperative relationship with an
animal (whether it’s a dog, cat, parrot,
horse or other animal), you have his
respect, and he’ll want to spend time
with you and work with you. Best Friends does not stand behind training methods that use excessive force, threats, fear, intimidation, pain or dominance. Training based on such aversive methods damages any sort of trusting relationship you might develop with the animal.

Read further as to why the importance of forming relationships with our animals for the best success in training. The resource covers science-based-positive training methods, dog training tips, and helpful articles on dominance theory, punishment in training, and various studies relating to animal behavior and training.