Rudy has been rescued!

HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Maui Humane Society continues to rescue dozens of animals from Lahaina every week, and reunites them with their owners.

That includes Eline and Kurt Mervis — who had to leave their 13 cats behind.

When they went back the next day, their home was gone, several of their cats had died and their youngest cat “Rudy” was standing on top of the rubble.

Eline said, she tried to call for him but he ran away.

22 days later he was found.

“Not being able to find him, and then not being able to go back to the house and continue looking for him that was heart wrenching. And the day I got the call, I was having a horrible day and it was just the greatest thing ever,” said Eline.

“Yeah she was inconsolable. It was the first day since the fire that I was really concerned about her because she just could not stop crying. And she was out with some friends trying to get her mind off things and I got that call ,it was absolutely amazing,” continued Kurt.

“Three weeks he was out on his own and his paws were just burned up. It’s amazing . They did say when they found him, his heart and his lungs were good and that’s why the prognosis was so good,” they added.

The Maui Humane Society said, Rudy underwent five weeks of treatment to fix his burned paws and ears, and he was finally reunited with his family last week.

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