Steve MacKinnon, CEO speaks on SilverShark Podcast

Steve MacKinnon, CEO

Steve MacKinnon, CEO of Maui Humane Society spoke with founder of SilverShark Media, Jason Evans, on the 4th year of the podcast series.  In this episode Steve talks about his path that led from criminal justice to Maui Humane Society, some differences in large shelters in big cities vs smaller shelters like MHS, the ongoing issue of overpopulation at animal shelters, an insight into some of the services offered by Maui Humane Society including 4EverPets that provides supplies and support for the local community, how the animal foster program helps both the community and animals involved, potential upgrades that are planned for on site facilities, the dedication of the staff and volunteers, challenges and goals for the year ahead, how their enforcement offers look to educate the community when possible, and how to find out more online about Maui Humane Society including upcoming events and fundraisers.

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