Success Story: Frank and Erin Wilson aka Piccard and Janeway

June 26, 2020
Piccard and Janeway (formerly Frank and Erin Wilson) came to MHS as a part of a large scale seizure/impound case last October. At MHS, they received the medical attention and care they needed, but were still very scared and unsure of the world around them. Piccard and Janeway were the most challenging “Wilson” dogs to be adopted due to the effects of their unsocialized and feral lives. Staff worked tirelessly to slowly earn their trust and learn to be touched and cared for.
Piccard and Janeway stole the hearts of a volunteer who knew she could give the pups the love and support they needed. Today, Piccard and Janeway are happy & much more confident pups, even kind enough to stop by the shelter to meet and help a nervous foster dog. Their new mom says she celebrates the dog’s tiny behavioral improvements as big wins, such as Piccard and Janeway recently coming out of their room by themselves.
We are thrilled to see Piccard & Janeway flourishing in their new home.
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