Two Cats Missing for Weeks After Lahaina Fires Found Alive in Home Ruins

A woman lost her home in the Lahaina fires on Maui. Everything was gone. But the worst part was she didn’t know if her beloved cat Snow made it. A piece of her heart was missing, along with all her belongings from her entire lifetime. But the Maui Human Society shared some wonderful news about the long-missing cat.

Immediately after the Lahaina fires, Tepatasi filed a lost pet report and waited, hoping for the best. But all that was left of her home was rubble. The weeks went by, and there was no news about Snow. The fires were in early August, and now it was October.

As anyone would, she started losing all hope. But miraculously, the rescuers found the friendly cat hiding in the home’s ruins. Nobody knows how the “fire cat” survived.

After surviving the fires, the cat managed to find food and water and took shelter. Then, he waited for his family to come back. But everyone was gone, and the rescuers couldn’t get into the burn zone until authorities cleared them to go in.

In the coming days, the rescuers hope there will be many more reunions to share. You can see the pure joy on their faces when they returned with Snow, the friendly cat.

Tepatasi cried when the rescuers called her with the news. Then, there was a tearful reunion when her beloved kitty was in her arms at last. Their story is helping heal hearts for so many others who have endured so much anguish after the Lahaina fires.

The morning after the reunion, Tepatasi shared more amazing news. Snow was one of two cats rescued and reunited with their Ohana, or family.

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