Virtual Giving Tree: Donate an Ornament, Honor a Loved One

December 2, 2020

Whether you can donate $5 or $500, every contribution matters. This holiday season, purchase an ornament from Maui Humane Society’s Virtual Giving Tree to give much-needed care to Maui’s shelter animals. You can donate in honor of a beloved person or pet, and share your gift on social media to inspire others with your good deed 🙂

Scroll down to find out how your contribution will help save lives!

$15 can provide:


  • Vaccinations for a litter of kittens
  • Flea & tick treatment for an animal
  • Fluroescent ‘Adopt Me’ collar & leash for a foster dog

$25 can provide:


  • 12-pack of canned puppy food 
  • 3-pack of critter hide-and-seek tunnels 
  • An IQ Enrichment toy for cats or dogs

$50 can provide:


  • Medicated shampoo treatments
  • Food, hay and a toy for guinea pigs
  • Pheromone diffuser that reduces anxiety for cats

$100 can provide:


  • XL bag of kitten milk replacer bottle baby kittens
  • 1 dog kuranda bed that gives durable, elevated comfort to shelter dogs
  • 1 large wire training crate for housing foster kittens or puppies

$150 can provide:


  • 1 Kitten Foster Care Kit (formula, bottles, crate)
  • 1 month’s fruits & veggies for Freddie & critters
  • 2 humane cat traps to spay/neuter community cats

$250 can provide:


  • Amputation for an injured animal
  • Essential Care Kit for foster animal recovering from illness/injury
  • Puppy Foster Care Kit (crate, training pads, food, toys)

$500 can provide:


  • 1 dog heartworm treatment
  • 1 dental cleaning for senior animal
  • 1 custom wheelchair for a dog

$1,000 – A Star of Hope

Purchase a Star of Hope and the image of your choice will be displayed on a star bordering Maui Veteran’s Highway for all to see! This is a great option for businesses, or those looking for an impactful way to honor a beloved person or pet. 

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Giving Tuesday Video Series: Find out how your generosity saves lives.

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