Thanks to a dedicated cat colony caretaker, a lost kitty has been reunited with their family! The caretaker, Laurie, noticed an unfamiliar cat in the colony for which she cares. After weeks of gaining the cat’s trust, Laurie was able to see a tattoo. MHS was able to trace the tattoo back to a family who had been missing their outdoor kitty for almost a year!

The cat was not in the same place every day, and Laurie worked tirelessly day and night for a week until she was able to find the cat and place him in a carrier. After months of thinking the worst, this family has been reunited with their beloved pet! Thank you, Laurie, for going out of your way to make sure this kitty could be reunited safely. You are a hero!

Sadly, hundred of pet cats go missing because people are not aware of the negative impacts of trapping and relocating. Trapping and relocating is illegal in Maui County and considered abandonment by law (6.04.040 D). If you or a neighbor are experiencing cat nuisance behaviors, Maui Humane Society provides resources and education to help you deal with these issues humanely, legally, and effectively. In most cases, cats that are intact exhibit nuisance behaviors such as marking, fighting, yowling, and reproducing. Spaying and neutering will help stop or decrease these behaviors.