Strawberry Shortcake came to Maui Humane Society after being found scooting around a cul-de-sac on her own without the use of her legs. Maui Humane Society veterinarian Dr. Fitz fashioned a temporary wheelchair for this plucky para-pup and she LOVED being able to get around!

We asked for your help to get her a custom-fitted wheelchair so that she could enjoy a second chance at life on the go. Donations to the Hope Fund made it happen!


Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake

Soon after she got her wheelchair, Strawberry Shortcake found Mr. Right in local veterinary technician Frank, who was ready and willing to care for this special needs girl.

Today Strawberry Shortcake is living her best life on two paws and two wheels. She goes everywhere with her person, who supports her overall health with physical therapy and all the snuggles she can handle.

Donations to the Hope Fund make it possible for Maui Humane Society to go above and beyond what is typically possible to provide life-saving and quality-of-life improving care to Maui’s homeless animals. Grant second chances by making a gift today!