Kitten Rescue

Community Cat Coordinator Emily Drose rescued 4 kittens on the way to work and gained a new mini Community Cat sidekick!

10 year old Olena alerted Emily to a mama cat who had just given birth to 4 kittens in an abandoned home next door. The kitty hero and her family followed Maui Humane Society advice and were feeding the mama cat so she could best take care of her kitties where they were.

Things changed quickly when renovations began in the abandoned home. With construction moving quickly, the kittens were at risk of being injured or even trapped in a wall. Emily found the kittens under an unfinished bath tub. They were happy and healthy and are in foster homes until they are ready to be adopted. Mama cat will be spayed so no more kittens will be born into a dangerous area.

Emily was so impressed with Olena’s compassion and love for the kittens that she decided to make her an honorary Community Cat Coordinator! Our mini “CCC” even has her own badge and stopped by for a photo with Emily. Her neighborhood cats can find comfort in knowing that they have a kitty-loving keiki looking out for them. Way to go Olena!

MHS is here for animals in need. 24/7 Animal Emergency Response is available at (808) 878-3680 ext. 211.

Kitten Rescue