Pawthereum - 12 Days of Giving

PUUNENE, HI, USA, December 22, 2021 / — Pawthereum, a cryptocurrency project that donates to animal shelters and rescue organizations across the world, has made a $2,500 donation to Maui Humane Society, located in Puunene, HI. The crypto project is in the midst of a “12 Days of Crypto Giving” donation campaign in which they have donated more than $115,000 over the past nine days. Overall, the project has donated nearly $400,000 to a variety of animal welfare organizations. Pawthereum is joined on this donation by GroovyNFT.

Maui Humane Society, first established as a non-profit in 1953, and incorporated in 1962, is the only scheduled admission animal shelter on the island of Maui. They are an “open door” shelter, which means they take in all animals regardless of age, health, or temperament. The shelter places an emphasis on creating innovative programs to help save the lives of animals.

“We are inspired by the mission of Pawthereum to help shelter animals worldwide, especially at a time when many organizations are facing post-pandemic challenges such as overcrowding and decreased donations,” said a Maui Humane Society representative. “As a small animal shelter, we never would have dreamt that an opportunity like this would exist, and we certainly wouldn’t be able to access the animal-loving crypto traders who make it all possible. It’s their choice to support animals who have no one else advocating for them, by simply utilizing the Pawthereum platform, and we are grateful for the hundreds of thousands of animals who will be impacted by their collective achievement.”

Pawthereum’s current donation campaign started on December 14, 2021, and will continue through December 25, 2021. This donation marks their ninth in a row as part of the campaign.

“Pawthereum was born out of the idea that cryptocurrencies can be a tremendous force for good in the world. When crypto communities come together, anything is possible,” said Pawthereum project leader Nawzad Amiri. “We believe cryptocurrency has massive untapped potential to transform charitable giving for the better. We want to be a leader in that effort and bringing projects together for the greater good is an important part of our mission.”

GroovyNFT is an NFT project that is planned to launch in the near future.

“We felt like GroovyNFT was a great partner for a donation to Maui Humane Society. Grooviness aside, they have a plan to donate a percentage of NFT sales after they launch, and already wanted to make a donation. They are big supporters of animal shelters and charities, and we love the idea of the good NFTs can do for charity. We have plans to implement NFTs ourselves, so making connections and learning from projects in that space is great for us. Really though, any time we can join forces with another project for the greater good we are more than happy to do so,” said Pawthereum charity ambassador Rasmus Scheuer.

“We were so happy to team up with Pawthereum for this donation to the Maui Humane Society. They do amazing work with homeless animals in Hawaii and Pawthereum is an innovative team we were glad to partner with. Our whole GroovyDog project is based around animal charities and shelters, and we love teaming up with like minded teams!” said GroovyNFT co-founder Patrick Hagerty.

Pawthereum has been busy forming friendships with animal welfare organizations around the world since the project launched in October of 2021. Their 12 Days of Crypto Giving campaign for the December ‘pawlidays’ will help dozens of species of pets and wild animals in over 20 countries across 5 continents. For more information about Pawthereum and their mission to bring crypto technology to the animal welfare space to save more animals, visit

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