The following honorariums and memorials were received by December 31, 2018. Please let us know if any corrections need be made. 

In Honor of Kika by Burdette and Debra Stanton
In Honor of Max by Winchelle Aguinaldo
In Honor of Hapa and Kolohe by Erika Eberly
In Honor of Kalia by Kindset and Wayne McDonald
In Honor of Ember by Amanda Rotondo
In Honor of Sammy by Alice Bennett
In Honor of Cammie by Alice Bennett
In Honor of Pandora (Panda) Dunlop by Melissa Brown
In Honor of Anta, beloved cat, by Caryl Callahan
In Honor of Catsup by Gill Cuadro
In Honor of Gigi by Eleanor and Frank Martin
In Honor of Mitzi Mae by Chaz and George Huffman
In Honor of Mauka, Clyde, Nellie, Cosmo, Kia, and Buddy by Christopher Profio and Lorraine Francis-Profio
In Honor of Farley, Patches, & Ladybug by Patricia Tierney
In Honor of Koa by Andrew De Mello
In Honor of Makana by Nancy and Robert Sato
In Honor of Meeya by Shannon Cabanilla
In Honor of TC (Top Cat) by Dane Saito
In Honor of Crackers by Alyce Carmichael
In Honor of Nani, Pono, and Ui and Grace Nava
In Honor of Abbie the Cat by Bruce Ward and Shirley Mattingly
In Honor of Chibi by Michael and Heather Kanemoto
In Honor of Cloud, Ku’uipo & Schmoozer by Brian and Eva Daniells
In Honor of Fred, Hana, Moke, & Izzy by Lucy M. Kono
In Honor of Ginger & Divot by Carol Mae Kurisu
In Honor of Jeb by Brent K. Lausterer
In Honor of Mesha by David and Maryanne Moe
In Honor of Chanel by Shirley and Lawrence Nishikawa
In Honor of Kramer, George, CJ & Joey by Marilyn and Eric Umetsu
In Honor of Max & Ziggy by Lois A. Wylie
In Honor of Ali by Charles S. Ikehara
In Honor of Captain the Cat by Ann Greene Stern and Donald Stern
In Honor of Chipper Blanford D. Williams
In Honor of Lucy, Boris, Tiki & Sammy by Samuel Linko and Janine Masaki
In Honor of Toyota by Robert and Sharon Shimabukuro

In Honor of Myrna Hart for her birthday by her brother, Paul Eikenbarry
In Honor of Jane and Greg by Carolyn R. Ellingwood
In Honor of Mary Herrera by Yoshiko and Andrew Kydd
In Honor of Mary M. Herrera by Mitsuko Herrera
In Honor of Barbara Long by Michele A. Long
In Honor of Jody Singsank for donating her referee time for the MHS Tennis Tournament by Anne Leung-Stevens
In Honor Jim & Alta Murch by Mary Jane and David Murch
In Honor of Evelyn Schein’s 97th birthday by Dr. Judith Aikawa and Dr. Ronald Aikawa
In Honor of Roger & Lisa Pleski by Kathryn Maloney
In Honor of Jodi Fitkin by Bradley Fitkin
In Honor of Peggy Sullivan by Lee Wheeler
In Honor of The Rice Partnership by Tara Miller
In Honor of Bella & Kathleen by William Fales
In Honor of Anne Leung-Stevens’ love of animals by Ann Stevens
In Honor of Jody Reale by Cynthia Preiser
In Honor of Keely Okada by Susie Saxten
In Honor of Peter Hagerdon & Miriam Trahan, great lovers of all animals, by JJ Shirley
In Honor of the Shane Rountree Family by Michael Blaz
In Honor James & Leslie Hutchinson by Ann and Michael Tower
In Honor of Jan & Ray Schock Family by Reesa Lerner
In Honor of Aunt Karen and Uncle Rick by Amy Woodhouse
In Honor of Boze Kapoi by Elaine Bridge
In Honor of Carmen Pederson by Susanne De Paoli and Ernest Bentley
In Honor Susanne De Paoli, on the occasion of her birthday, by her son, Brian Bollinger
In Honor of Evie Stocks by Jennifer Stocks
In Honor of Glenn and Barbara Armstrong, Creative Home Remedies, and the Man Cave by Jim and Lynda Sheppard
In Honor of Sherry McGilvray and her dog Susie by Chris Martin
In Honor of Mariah Gill by Margo Gill
In Honor of Mary and Larry Gillen by Thomas Smith and Diane Hackney-Smith
In Honor of Barbara Heinback with appreciation for her generous hospitality by Marc Dorfman and Mitch
In Honor of Jenn Valois by Judith Fisher
In Honor of Hansen Family by Regina Magid

In Memory of Mije by Boone, Sue, and Wayne Yoshimura
In loving memory of Hina cat, extremely missed by owners, Mike & Susie Remolcado, by Jessica and Chris Reed
In Memory of Courage by Sandy Koppenol
In Memory of China by Alva Chang
In Memory of Gentile by Dominiqye Denys
In Memory of Luke and Bella by Tamara T. Anderson
In Memory of Xena by Laura Fanthome
In Memory of Kyoko by Dr. Bruce Purvis, Randy Hoehns, and Leilani
In Memory of Pandora Dunlop by Colin Dunlop
In Memory of my kitty, Buster Brown, by Helen Alipio
In Memory of Pali by Rosanne Mastrangioli
In Memory of Oreo and Raven by Fern Markgraf
In Memory of Chester by Edna M. King
In Memory of Kyoko by Al Weaver
In Memory of Keala and in Honor of Sassy/Kalani by Shauna Buckner
In Memory of Sherlock by Melanie Parske
In Memory of Ele Ele Blackington and Tichy by Merry Byerly
In Memory of sweet Pearl by Alan and Jeanie Williams
In Memory of Buddy, Merlin, and Kalani by Cory Goodman
In Memory of beloved and devoted Lita by Godwin and Rebecca Pelissero
In Memory and honor of my dog, Mihijo, by Roselle Nava
In Memory of Jake by Annette Lynch
In Memory of Jenny by Stephen Warren
In Memory of Kyoko by Vida Santone
In Memory of Max Bendon by Susan and James Bendon
In Memory of Maya by Gail Miyahira
In Memory of Penny by Kathleen Howe
In Memory of Sadie by Melinda Armour
In Memory of Tiger by Valerie Gisel
In Memory of Tiki by Craig Kahila
In Memory of Patches and Kasey by Laurie and Gordon Felicilda
In memory of Zeus and Hina by Patricia Podach and Bradley Price
In Memory of Seven by Sara Patton and Gary Thompson. Thanks for 16 years of love and beauty. We miss your shining presence and affection.
In Memory of Lizzie, beloved golden retriever, by Nancy and Michael Dennison
In Memory of Murray by William and Susan Wachter
In Memory of Kui, beloved German Shepard, by Terrie Safranca
Memory of Mango Dave and Miss Maysie by Sue Jennings and Harley Clark
In Memory of Bob by Eliza B. Brady
In Memory of Kula (2004-2018) by Cynthia Mayer
In Memory of Newcat, Toughie, and all the others that came before them by Natalie Bacon

In Memory of Sadie Lee Higashi by Winona L. Higashi
In Memory of Elvis Presley by Jeff and Nancy Graff
In Memory of Will Willett and his beloved dog, Benji, by Carol Mann
In Memory of Betty Wiley and the bottle babies by Kathleen Davis
In Memory of Chuck Phillips by William and Donna Soares
In Memory of Chuck Phillips by Jan Wojtkow
In Memory of Chuck Phillips by Suzanne Vittori
In Memory of Chuck Phillips Theo Morrison
In Memory of Chuck Phillips by Roz Baker
In Memory of Chuck Phillips by Mr. Steve Moyer
In Memory of Chuck Phillips by Wendi and Scott Williamson
In Memory of Cheryl Dougherty by Jennifer Thompson
In Memory of Ronald Holbrook by The Ronald Frank Holbrook Rev Trust
In Memory of Roxy Landry by Lillie Gray
In Memory of Grover Mitchell
In Loving Memory of Bob & Emmy Redeker of Redding, CA by Zel and Marjorie Terluin
In Memory of Abby, a sweet friend, by Francis Davidson
In Memory of beloved friend, Will Willett, by Cynthia McCaffrey
In Memory of H&K Okada by Virginia Miyauchi
In Memory of Jennifer E. Cowman by Tanaz Foadi
In Memory of Jill M. Stein by Herbert and Laraine Salm
In Memory of Tom Levine by Mary Jane and Don Young
In Honor of Buddy by Ronna Albonetti
In Memory and Honor of Nancy McKinley on her birthday by Pamela Wilson. She was my dearest friend and one of your biggest supporters.
In Memory of Chuck Phillips by the Pacific Building Corporation
In Memory of Chuck Phillips by Diane and Alexander Stanislaw
In Memory of Donna Kreoche by Margo Gill