Humane Enforcement Officer Boam Rescues a Kitten…. twice!

May 16, 2020
Kitten Rescue

MHS Humane Enforcement Officers Boam and Shapiro recently rescued Storm after receiving a report that a young kitten had been stuck in a drain for days. We can’t tell who’s happier about it! ?

Storm is currently being fostered by Officer Boam until she is old enough for adoption. It’s hard not to take your work home when it’s this cute!

“She has no problem getting cozy in a home!” says Boam. “I think she prefers all the fuzzy blankets and cuddles over the storm drain. Can you tell? Haha! I still can’t wrap my head around how friendly she is.”

MHS is here for animals in need. 24/7 Animal Emergency Response is available at (808) 878-3680 ext. 211

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