Humane Enforcement Officers

Communities across Maui have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and many are struggling to feed their beloved pets. This week, Officer Mani White and other Humane Enforcement Officers heard the call, loaded up their trucks, and delivered food to those in need.

Officer Mani White was the MVP of the food drop offs. As soon as she learned of the need, Officer White loaded up her truck with food, hit the road, and quickly returned to collect even more food to deliver. In total, she delivered nearly 500 pounds of food to Hale Mahaolu Elua seniors and homeless communities in need across the island.

Officers Mark Wilson, Debbie Redd, and Denise Riggs also distributed food to families struggling to feed their pets – dogs, cats, horses, pigs and more. Officer Redd noticed some hungry pigs while conducting a welfare check and quickly obtained 30 loaves of donated bread to tide them over.

All in all, MHS Humane Enforcement Officers delivered over 2,000 pounds of food! Thank you for continuing to donate pet food so that we can help pet parents in need and take community outreach to a whole new level.