Jackson Galaxy with Maui Committee Member and new adoptee, Helen

Jackson Galaxy congratulating Maui community member with his new cat adoptee, Helen

Jackson Galaxy speaking at Maui Humane Society at event

Jackson Galaxy speaking at Maui Humane Society’s event announcing the Popoki Life-saving Fund

Board Member Judy Aikawa and Jackson Galaxy at Cat life-saving event

Board Member Judy Aikawa with Jackson Galaxy

(Pu’unene, HI 6/26/23) At a public event at Maui Humane Society held Sunday night, Interim Executive Director Jenny Miller announced that Maui Humane has created a special donation fund to help bring lifesaving care and attention to vulnerable cats and kittens in the shelter’s care. One in five cats or kittens (who are sick, too young or too old) do not leave the shelter alive. Therefore, the fund aims to increase the cat live release rate to 90% by addressing the vulnerable population first.

“Thanks to our incredible community, we’ve dramatically increased cat and kitten lifesaving over the past decade. Despite these efforts, we still have saveable cats and kittens losing their lives simply because we don’t have the resources to save them,” said Miller. 

Cat behavior and wellness expert, Author, and TV host Jackson Galaxy has been an ongoing educator and expert advisor to MHS and is currently working with the shelter as part of an overall strategic planning process involving the board and executive staff. 

“When I first visited Maui Humane Society last fall as part of the Good Fix program of Greater Good Charities, I was immediately struck by the love and care shown to all cats in the community and the shelter,” Galaxy shared. “I’m honored to be part of the inspiring story of cats and cat lovers and that donations to this fund will go to help the cats who truly need a lifeline.” 

Persons interested in life-saving for cats and kittens can donate directly at https://www.mauihumanesociety.org/donate-popoki-fund/. In addition to establishing this donation fund, Maui Humane Society asked the attendees of the event and the larger Maui community to be a part of the solution by spaying and neutering pets, adopting from MHS, signing up to become a foster for cats/kittens as well as volunteering at the shelter located in Pu’unene. 

MHS currently has 350 cats and kittens in care and is urgently seeking fosters for orphaned kittens, senior cats, and cats with special needs who are declining due to stress. 


About Maui Humane Society: 

Maui Humane Society is the island’s only open admission shelter, accepting all animals in need. The  organization cares for over 4900 animals a year. The shelter has a robust foster and volunteer program,  transfers hundreds of animals through Wings of Aloha flights to adoption-guaranteed homes, practices  TNR as a humane method of reducing the community cat population and provides food and supplies at  no cost to disadvantaged pet owners through the 4EverPets community outreach program. Visit  http://www.mauihumanesociety.org for more information.