Kittens found under Hawaii wildfire rubble. Now they’re reunited with mom

Cat trappers discovered kittens hiding in the rubble from a deadly wildfire in Hawaii, a nonprofit said. Now the baby animals have been reunited with their mom, the Maui Humane Society said in a Sept. 20 Facebook post.

The trappers first found the kittens’ mom on Sept. 18 in Lahaina. A wildfire destroyed the Maui town and left at least 97 people dead after igniting Aug. 8, according to the Maui Police Department.

When trappers examined the black and white cat, the nonprofit said they realized she was lactating. Trappers went back to search for the kittens the same night and used the calling noises of a mom cat to track the babies down. “Soon enough, they heard some teeny tiny meows!” the nonprofit said in the post. Three kittens were found under in the rubble of a cinder block wall. Now the kittens are with their mom at the shelter, according to the nonprofit.

They will be up for adoption in about a month or two, once they have been weaned and spayed and neutered, spokesperson Jenny Miller said in an email to McClatchy News. “They are very playful and mom is very happy to have them back!” Miller said.

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