COVID19 Preparedness for Pet Owners

June 18, 2020

Maui Humane Society is encouraging pet owners to have a plan for their pets in the event that they fall ill. While there is currently no evidence you can contract COVID-19 from your pet, it’s important to plan ahead to protect your furry friends in the event that your own health is compromised.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Keep at least a 2-week supply of pet food and water for your pets, as well as any medications they may need and a travel crate. Find out what should be included in your emergency kit    

Identify people who can care for your pets

Have at least three options lined up in case they become sick or hospitalized. Create a care tree for how your pets will be cared for if your backup options are no longer able to care for them.   

Create a written emergency plan for each pet

Include your name and contact information, your pet’s feeding schedule, any medical conditions and treatment instructions. Document whether your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations, and list the contact information for your veterinarian. 

Unless you are hospitalized and live alone, keep your pets with you. It’s the best place for them to be, and it will bring comfort in these turbulent times. Even if you have to self-quarantine, the best place for your pets is at home with you. Take precautions – your pet should be social distancing as well. You can take them on walks, but keep 6 feet of distance from other people and pets.

Other Resources

COVID-19 Preparedness: Make a Plan for your Pet (BARCS)

Make a Plan for your Pet (KC Pet Project)

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