This event will be streaming LIVE on the Maui Humane Society Facebook page.

For 12 hours our participants will share a kennel with an MHS shelter dog to help create awareness about what it’s like for our dogs to be in the kennel, what goes into their care, and hopefully get a few of them adopted! This is the first year MHS is hosting this event. We got the idea from a shelter in St. Louis, Gateway Pet Guardians. Below is what one participant said about their experience:

“Staying in a shelter kennel for 24 hours had tough moments for me. But empathy is about connecting; it’s about feeling *with* someone. And it makes my heart swell to know how many people felt with us as we lived in the shelter, felt with the dogs who live there and those who still need rescuing.”

– Taylor Snead, Gateway Guardian Pets fundraiser participant

  • $25 helps provide shelter for animals in our care

  •  $50 helps provide spay and neuter services to prevent future unwanted litters

  • $100 helps provide the care for a dog recovering from surgery

  • $250 helps cover the cost of one amputation surgery, which is often life-saving

  • $400 helps cover the cost of a dental cleaning to help a senior shelter animal