MauiNow: Concert for Hope - SheRa

The Maui Humane Society announces its Concert for Hope, a fundraiser co-presented in partnership with Mana’o Radio, taking place at The Altitude Deck on Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023.

Organizers say 100% of proceeds from the concert will support Maui Humane Society’s Hope Fund, which provides advanced life saving surgeries and procedures for Maui’s homeless animals.

“Everyday, stray and surrendered animals arrive at Maui Humane Society injured, neglected and in desperate need of veterinary care. Maui Humane Society accepts these animals with open arms and open hearts,” according to organization leaders.

The Hope Fund was created to give homeless animals the advanced medical attention they need in order to become healthy and get adopted. The special part about the Hope Fund is that it is 100% donor funded.

“Mana’o Radio is honored to partner with Maui Humane Society to support their cause of providing life saving surgeries for homeless dogs and cats,” said Michael Elam, Board President and Development Director of Mana’o Radio. “This live music fundraiser goes hand in paw with Mana’o Radio’s mission as a community radio station: to bring people together in a shared love for music to benefit our Maui community.”

The Maui Humane Society currently has 30 animals on the waiting list for surgery and every day new emergency situations pop up requiring advanced care.

“The Hope Fund, powered entirely by the generosity of our community, plays a vital role in the lifesaving work carried out by our dedicated veterinary staff. It provides a lifeline for animals facing medical challenges, granting them a chance at a brighter tomorrow,” said Dr. Lisa Labrecque, Chief Executive Officer of Maui Humane Society. “Through the Hope Fund, our team can perform essential surgeries and critical procedures, turning tales of hardship into inspiring tales of survival and triumph.”

To purchase tickets or learn more about the Concert for Hope, visit For those unable to attend, donations can be made directly to the Hope Fund online at

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