Maui Humane Society speaks to Susie Thieman

On September 28th, Katie Shannon, Director of Marketing & Communications sat with Susie Thieman, Maui Non Profit Directors radio show to discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Pet Housing Crisis and the impact this is having at Maui Humane Society. The lack of pet friendly housing is resulting in high surrender and stray rates, which leads to overpopulation and lack of resources.
  • SOS Foster – The high population at the shelter means we need the community to take dogs out of the shelter and into homes, for as long as they would like. This is absolutely FREE and you receive all the supplies that you need
  • Have you FOUND an animal? Step 1) File a report on our website 2) Contact our Humane Enforcement Officers (808-877-3680 ext. 222) 3) If the animal is safe with you, hold onto it!
  • If you need to surrender an animal, it is by appointment only and only for emergencies. We do not have space to take surrenders. The shelter should be the last option for the animal.
  • Dog on Demand – a new program that allows anyone (walk through our doors or book online) to take a dog for the day! Dog on Demand is for those dogs that really need to get out of the shelter and receive a break from the stressors of shelter life.
  • Empty the Shelters – From Oct 1-8, all adoption fees are WAIVED; over 42 states and 270 shelters are involved
  • Fostering