Pets in Housing

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Resources for Pet Owners

Finding an apartment or house to rent can be challenging when you have a pet, and even more so when you have more than one. Pet-friendly housing can be harder to find for dogs than cats, and there are often size and breed restrictions. Here on Maui, pet-friendly housing seems especially hard to find, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips and resources to help you in your search.

1. Allow yourself plenty of time

There are pet-friendly rentals and landlords available, so plan ahead and start your search early.  If you are currently renting, consider starting your search a few months before your lease expires.

2. Prepare a pet resume

Having a pet resume that highlights your pet’s great qualities and past successful rental experiences will show potential landlords that you are a good candidate for housing. Include references, photos of your pet being sociable, friendly, great with children, etc. Ask your veterinarian to vouch for your dog’s behavior and good qualities. This kind of personal touch will prove that you’re a responsible pet owner who plays an active role in your animal’s life. See the links below for resources on writing a pet resume.

3. Get referrals from previous landlords

If you and your pet have been great tenants in past housing, ask your landlord to write a referral letter. This can go a long way to make your pet a great candidate when you are applying for housing.

4. Be a great tenant

While this may sound simple, in reality it may require daily attention and goes beyond being respectful of others. Make sure your pets are trained, and that they aren’t barking or whining when you are gone. If necessary, seek training to curb any behavior problems.


Pet Resume Writing Resources:

Housing Tips and Resources:

Community Resources
Resources for Landlords

Rental housing that welcomes all cats and dogs, regardless of breed or size, helps to save hundreds of thousands of lives, and ensures that no family ever has to choose between their pet and their home. And welcoming all pets is good for landlords, too! When landlords accept all cats and dogs, their number of qualified rental applicants dramatically increases, giving them more options for finding great tenants. And those great tenants stay longer, keeping turnover costs low. That means fewer vacancies and lower administrative costs.

These advantages come with no downside: policies imposing breed and weight restrictions are based on myths and don’t improve resident safety or increase property values. The bottom line for landlords: policies welcoming all cats and dogs make good business sense!