Biscotti was found wandering as a stray in Paia before being brought to Maui Humane Society for help. Now he’s living the Good Life as Andrea’s Best Friend!
“I just want to thank everyone at the Maui Humane society! I guess Biscotti was a hot little mess when she arrived. I knew, when I was ready to add a dog to my life after the passing of my long time companion two years ago, that I would choose to adopt.
The beginning of December I stopped in and met Biscotti, and was instantly drawn to her. Despite not feeling like I was totally ready for another dog, I found myself at your doorstep right at opening the next morning and adopted her that day, picking her up the following morning after her spay.  
Despite showing signs of former neglect, she is incredibly well trained and socialized. We bonded very quickly and she made fast friends with the cat. We both look forward to outings together. She loves car rides, shopping and dog-friendly restaurants. She even has her own Instagram – @biscotti808!” 
Thank you again,

Andrea & Biscotti