The Tail of Two Cody’s

December 31, 2021

2021 was quite a year for so many of us, including senior shelter dog Cody. He started it off by finally being adopted after waiting for 66 days at the shelter. Sadly, he was returned just 11 days later after the sheep next door were a little too tempting for him and they knew it was a recipe for disaster.

As months and months went by, we promoted Cody dozens and dozens of times hoping the right home would come along.  Cody was very unhappy to be in the kennels and therefore unable to show his best, dapper self to the visitors that stopped by to meet him.  This stress began causing him to be heightened and bark aggressively at passersby, be they 2 or 4 legged. This meant that often when he was here at the shelter, Cody would be need to be in the back where he wasn’t able to be seen by potential adopters unless they asked for him. Sadly, when someone finally would request those meetings, they were never a match. Cody was just not connecting with anyone that was interested in adopting him.

Foster Parent, Bob and Cody

After a few months it was finally time for the two Codys (who now jokingly refer to themselves as Maui Cody and Olympia Cody ) to meet. We were all unsure how the stress of flying would affect our sweet senior. Olympia Cody was ready with his tips from Jasmine and his slip lead in hand as the crate opened; ready for whatever was going to come his way. When Maui Cody came out, he immediately bonded to his new proud papa.  Who recently told us “He really seems to be meant for me.” Now they start their day with long walks, then Maui Cody makes himself comfortable around the house during the day, becomes Olympia Cody’s shadow in the evenings before they both finally hop in bed at night. Although Maui Cody usually makes his way to his own dog bed once “dad’s” asleep.

Here’s a cool (literally in more ways than one) update we recently received about first 2 weeks in Washington!

 “Maui Cody’s latest napping spot after a couple mile walk is next to me on the sofa with blankets is the best place to warm up :)”

Cody & Cody

” Thank goodness he has gotten used to the snow as we have 6 inches on the ground and are supposed to get more tonight. It doesn’t bother him at all now.

He’s a wonderful dog and is doing great. Thanks to all of you who’ve taken care of him the last 13+ months. I think he finally found his forever home.

I just want you all who have invested time in him that he’s doing very well.” – Olympia Cody


Cody’s big reliefs would come from our amazing Foster Homes that gave Cody a combined break of 7 months (233 Days) throughout the 13 months (397 Days) he was in our care. With a whopping 5 of those months (152 Days) spent on and off with his favorite foster Bob, who gave Cody the love, patience and stability he so craved. The much needed time Bob gave him out of the shelter helped save Cody’s health and his sanity, which in turn certainly saved his life too.

Finally, after 241 days, out of desperation we begged the community for help. We’d tried so many photo shoots, fun videos, sad stories and even a silly infomercial to spotlight Cody.

Then one day, another Cody called us. One all the way from the Pacific Northwest that felt they could help. Several months after the last of his senior dogs had passed he was ready for a new friend and was looking up “older hard to place shelter dogs”  online when Cody’s profile came up. After reading his Bio and watching his video on our website, Cody felt that he just might be the right home for Cody.  And boy was he!

Our Behavior Coordinator, Jasmine, began working with both Codys to make arrangements for this big journey.

Cody in Blankets
Image of Snow

Mahalo to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation supporting the Wings of Aloha program to help make this adoption successful!

Even the News couldn’t handle it…