Maui Humane Society Supports Temporary Covid-19 Relief Shelters

May 29, 2020

Communities across Maui have faced significant impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic. This week, Maui County began construction on 20 pallet homes in Waiale Park in Wailuku to provide temporary emergency shelter for homeless individuals and families who have been displaced by Covid-19.

MHS Director of Community Outreach Nikki Russell worked with County Representatives to ensure the residents of the new structures will be able to bring their pets as well. MHS distributed air kennels, water and food dishes, towels, cleaning supplies, beds, leashes, harnesses, toys, food, and other supplies.

Mahalo to Maui County and MHS for their ongoing efforts to serve our community through these difficult times.

Find out how Maui Humane Society is continuing to provide essential services to our community here

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Changes due to COVID-19

Changes due to COVID-19

Maui Humane Society remains committed to monitoring COVID-19 developments, following guidance from Hawaii State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Infection (CDC) to stay on top of best practices around social distancing, cleaning protocols, and other recommended disease prevention measures during these unprecedented times.

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