Brutus, Bob, Gus & Raymond need your help!

Maui, we asked for your help and you delivered! Your efforts have alleviated the burden on our shelter, but we are not out of crisis yet.

We wanted to provide you an update as to where our numbers currently stand:

  • TOTAL DOGS IN FOSTER (Regular + SOS Foster): 53

Maui, we asked for your help and you delivered! Your efforts have alleviated the burden on our shelter, but we are not out of crisis yet.

We wanted to provide you an update as to where our numbers currently stand:

  • TOTAL DOGS IN FOSTER (Regular + SOS Foster): 69

The only way to decrease the number of dogs in our care is through Adoption or Transfer. Foster animals, although not currently at the shelter, can come back to the shelter at any time. Foster animals continue to receive food and medical treatment which continues to put pressure on shelter resources. These numbers do not reflect any waitlisted surrender animals or account for daily strays/surrenders entering our care.

We are reaching out to you with urgency and a heavy heart to address the crisis of animal overpopulation. As you are aware, the shelter has been overwhelmed by the growing number of animals in need. With over 130 dogs in care and only 40 kennels, for the first time in years, we have had to consider at-risk animals for euthanasia as a last resort due to limited space and capacity of care.

Every day, Maui Humane Society receives an average of 4-5 stray animals in need of care and shelter. While staff and advocates work tirelessly to find homes for these animals, we are faced with a disheartening reality – the rate of dog adoptions is insufficient to keep pace with the growing number of dogs in our care. There is a waitlist to surrender animals because 40% of all surrenders at Maui Humane Society are due to lack of pet-friendly housing. The lack of pet friendly housing, coupled with increased restrictions on flights for animals to already overpopulated shelters on the mainland, limits the plausible impact of the life-saving Wings of Aloha program. The shelter may be forced to make euthanasia decisions for animals that could otherwise be saved.

As of now, we have several animals that are considered at-risk for euthanasia. At-Risk may include behavioral issues, mental suffering and/or extensive and ongoing chronic medical issues that affect quality of life. Those that are at-risk for euthanasia are reflected with a red “At-Risk” banner across their picture on our website. Our current at-risk list is building every day and includes:


  • Bob – Needs a foster or adopter!

  • Gus – In FOSTER (still needs an adopter!)
  • Raymond – In FOSTER (still needs an adopter!)
  • Brutus – In FOSTER (still needs an adopter!)
  • Princess – In FOSTER (still needs an adopter!)
  • Jake – In FOSTER (still needs an adopter!
Bob is At-Risk and needs a foster or adopter
Gus is At-Risk and needs an adopter

*PTA is “Paws To Adopt” a 10 day adoption trial program! Keep your paws crossed that their new homes are the right fit! Learn more about PTA HERE!

Now, more than ever, we need your help in finding loving, forever homes for these animals. Here are six ways the community can help with this extreme overcrowding:

  1. Prevent animals from coming into the shelter – Make sure your animal wears identification and is microchipped. If you’ve lost or found an animal, visit our Lost/Found page to take the right steps. Before making an appointment to surrender, try to rehome the animal.
  2. Adopt a Pet: Will not only save a life but also provide space for another animal in need.
  3. Foster a Pet: Temporary foster care provides a crucial lifeline for animals healing and/or awaiting adoption. By fostering, you offer a nurturing environment and help alleviate overcrowding.
  4. Volunteer: Dedicate your time and skills to assist in various aspects of animal care, socialization, and administrative tasks.
  5. Donate: Financial support plays a vital role in ensuring our ability to provide essential services, including veterinary care, food, shelter, and enrichment.
  6. Spread the Word: Help us raise awareness and the importance of responsible pet ownership. Share our message through Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor, community gatherings, and conversations with friends and family. For those on the mainland, visit your local shelter and see if they offer a transfer program so we can expand Wings of Aloha. Landlords – we ask you to STRONGLY reconsider allowing pets in your homes.

We firmly believe that by uniting as a community, we can reduce the impact of this crisis, but it will take an island of support. Maui Humane Society is located off Maui Veterans Highway and open from 11am-5pm, 7 days a week.

Maui Humane Society